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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What compressor is best Gas or Electric?
a) We always recommend the electric models when ever possible. Electric compressors are quieter, less heat, noise, vibration and no Carbon Monoxide to worry about.
Q. Why are the AireTex compressors better?
a) Two reasons, RPM and Warranty. AireTex compressors run at a lower RPM than the competition so they run cooler, quieter and last longer. AireTex does not void the warranty for filling large cascade bottles and multiple tanks. We operate our compressors at a lower RPM for better life expectancy and one other big benefit is they run quieter than a higher RPM compressor.
Q. What is better Splash or pressurized lubrication?
a) It does not matter to a compressor whether it is Splash or Pressurized lubrication as long as the compressor works with in the designed RPM range. As Splash lubricated compressor works quite well at RPM's below 1400 RPM. Above that we feel the compressor MUST be pressurized lubrication. Or AireTex 45 compressors (Splash lube) runs at 1100 RPM. The AireTex 22 Magnum compressors (pressurised lube) run at 630 to 945 RPM and are very durable. The W32 runs at 1500 RPM and is pressure lubricated. A very important reason the W32 uses pressurized oil system is to place the cooling oil directly where it does the most good.
Q. Why is RPM so important to the life of a compressor? 
a) A compressor operates in a harsh environment and must not fail. RPM creates excessive heat and vibration. Basically a compressor that operates at 1100 RPM will last many times longer than one operating at 2500 RPM or more. There is a direct relationship in a compressor between RPM and durability, the lower the RPM the cooler, quieter and more durable it will be.
Q. Why do some manufacturers run their compressors such high RPM's?
a) There are two ways to increase the output of a compressor- by making it larger or turning it a higher RPM. We chose to make our compressors larger (hence more durable) but the drawback to that is on some of our models we weigh a little more than the competition. I chose a larger compressor ran at a lower RPM for a slightly heavier yet more durable compressor. If size and weight are your main concern the AireTex may not be your best choice. If durability and quiet operation are high on your priorities then go to our catalog page now. All customers want and expect the most performance for their money and their needs.
Q. The AireTex is MUCH quieter than brand "B" that is similar in size and RPM, why is that?  
a) AireTex uses cast iron for the block instead of Aluminum, The advantage to that is it deadens the sound of the block tremendously the drawback is the cast iron is heavier. The advantage of the Aluminum block is they are lighter yet seem to amplify the the noise.

Q.  Why is the AireTex PLC is so much better than everyone else? 
We designed our PLC from the ground up to be better and more durable than anything else on the market. It has features as standard equipment that others are not even able to offer. Where the old style timers, relays and switches the competition uses we have eliminated most of that and it is done with our one computer control system. Eliminating many of the problematic timers and relays the competition still uses. As of April 2006 we have never had a single failure of our PLC control in the field. Dead reliable and it also has the advantage of being able to self diagnose some problems such as low oil, high air temp and many others. Some of the other manufacturers are now starting to using a more basic style PLC all are years behind AireTex in every way on the control systems.
Our PLC gives the end user the ability to change time, date, Auto-Drain settings and many other features. It has a maintenance timer built in to notify you when maintenance is due. We designed this to be user friendly while protecting you and your investment.  
Q. What happens if (when) a PLC fails?
a) Someday, some where a PLC will fail due to getting hit by lightning or something. In that case it is easier to replace one PLC than go through replacing all of the individual timers, contacts, relays etc which can be an wiring nightmare. The PLC is solid state and therefore is much less prone to failure than a mechanical timer, relay etc. This can easily be replaced in the feild by any decent electrician.

Q. On the PLC program what is the Overtime timer and Maintenance timer?
a) The Maintenance timer notifies you when maintenance is due and shuts the compressor off. At that time you have several options. 1. Perform maintenance and reset timer or you may push the One Hour Override button up to 5 times. Resetting the timer is very easy, quick and able to be done at the customer level. The Overtime Timer will shut of the compressor after 4 hours of non stop running in case of a leak in the system. The compressor will not run for days or weeks unattended if there is a problem. It will shut down, to reset simply push start.

Q.What are the common problems with a compressors? 
a) All compressors have O rings that are subjected to high heat and high pressure. The compressor is designed to be easy to replace those O rings if needed and are low cost.  Proper maintenance by checking for loose bolts can eliminate many of those problems.

Q.Why do I have to drain the water?
a) There is much moisture in the air we breathe, your compressor when operating properly removes that moisture in the water separator(s). If you fail to drain the moisture as required when the water separator fills it will pass the water to the next stage causing a hydraulic situation and destroying your compressor. An Auto- Drain system does that automatically on a timed schedule. Many of our compressors have Auto-Drains as standard equipment. Your final purifier must have fairly clean dry air or it will not last as required.

Q.Why does a Auto-Drain compressor put out less CFM than a manual bleed?
a) With an Auto-Drain it dumps ALL air on a timer for a preset time usually 10-15 seconds every 15 minutes. After the solenoid valves close then your compressor has to pressurize the whole system again. When you bleed a system manually you only remove the moisture and do not lose much if any pressure (CFM). Some systems are more efficient than others but generally manual is much more efficient Our PLC allows you to set the drains to the most efficient settings for the humidity in your area.

Q.What is the difference between Free Air Delivery (FAD) and **SCFM? 
a) Free Air Delivery is the actual CFM your compressor puts out. To measure Free Air Delivery you start with an EMPTY tank and you pressurize your compressor to the final fill pressure you want and then you open the tank valve. (You want to measure the time to fill the tank not the compressor, separators and purifier)  You fill the tank to the desired pressure and measure how long it took. Then you divide the Cubic feet of the tank by the minutes it took to fill it. For instance a 80 Cu. Ft. SCUBA tank that takes 23 minutes to fill from empty puts out 3.48 CFM actual.  **SCFM starts with a partially filled tank and fills it the divides the time as if it filled an empty tank. A confusing way to make poor performance look better.   Generally **SCFM numbers are approximately 35% more than actual. 4.3 **SCFM = 2.78 actual FAD approximately So 3.48 FAD is much more actual CFM than 4.3 **SCFM which is well under 3 actual FAD.
Q.Who has the best warranty in the business?
a) AireTex.

Q. Most Manufacturers void the warranty for filling cascade systems or using Nitrox, What about AireTex? a) AireTex does NOT void the warranty for using Cascade Systems or Nitrox in fact we sell many of those systems with our compressors. With that said if you are running your compressor 8 hours a day then you obviously need a larger compressor. The AireTex compressors are approved for Nitrox up to 40%.
Q.What maintenance is needed on the compressor?
a) You must change your purifier filters as needed, you must change the oil on schedule and check for loose bolts etc. You must drain the water separator at least every 30 minutes if manual drain. Tricks or tips for better performance or durability? You should put some silicone lube on the threads of your purifier when you change filter to keep the aluminum threads from galling. Use silicone lube on your purifier O rings to keep them fresh. Check for leaks in the system when operating. Keep the compressor indoors out of the rain and snow if possible. A Breathing Air Compressor is a life support system and must be maintained properly.
Q.What size generator do I need to run _ _ _ size compressor?
a) That is a difficult question as we have learned from past experience that some generator manufacturers (like some compressor manufacturers) are VERY optimistic in their performance ratings. If your generator is not large enough to run the motor it will burn up the motor on your compressor.

Q. I'm interested in the Paintball setup but, I would also like to be able to fill scuba tanks.  What's the easiest, most safe way to get that done?
a.)We also have a Quick Connect SCUBA yoke which consists of a Scuba yoke, a male foster fitting and an adaptor. Please call for pricing and availability. Some models have it as standard equipment, see specific model.

Q. Each 80 Cu. Ft. bottle should require how long to fill using this compressor? (AireTex 45)
a) To get the time to fill divide the cubic feet by the actual output of the compressor (Not the **SCFM which is grossly optimistic) to get the minutes to fill. It takes 23 minutes to fill from complete empty an 80 Cu. Ft (1 hour) tank.

Q. Is it dangerous to fill air bottles with a compressor powered by a gasoline engine due to carbon monoxide?
a) Carbon Monoxide is VERY dangerous. We always recommend the electric when ever possible. Less noise, vibration, heat and no Carbon Monoxide. Now if your only choice is a gas power compressor and it is for breathing air let us know and we will include at no charge a 6 foot hose assembly to get the compressor intake farther away from the exhaust of the motor. Also good common sense helps here, put the fresh air intake up wind of the motor so the wind is blowing the exhaust AWAY from the intake.  Change the filters regularly (Lawrence Factor has a filter that has Monoxycon and it is supposed to do a little better job of converting Carbon monoxide to a less dangerous Carbon Dioxide). Still bad air in will get you bad air out fairly quickly. The filter can get rid of small amounts of Carbon monoxide but how much? Be very careful and err on the side of safety. This is with any compressor brand you must be careful of Carbon Monoxide or any harmful contaminants. We sell several different types of Carbon monoxide Monitors. Call us for your needs.

Q.What size power generator is required to power your compressors?

a) I do not make any recommendations for generators any more because I have found that like compressor manufacturers there are some who are very optimistic in their supposed performance. If your generator is not big enough to run the motor it can burn it up. So if you are not sure I would go with the large model.

Q. What is the difference between a AireTex 45 electric and a AireTex 45 AD?
a)The AireTex 45 electric will not bleed out the oil and water build up in the separators as well as it will not shut off by it’s self.  The AD means Auto Drains and the AireTex 45 AD also comes with a Pressure switch.  YOU CAN NOT LEAVE THE AIRETEX 45 ELECTRIC UNATTENDED!!!

Q. Why is there a loud popping noise when my AireTex 45 compressor reaches 4500 PSI? 
a)All of our models of compressors come with safety pop off valves.  The valves are intended to release pressure exceeding the set point of the valve.  You will usually have a safety pop off valve after each stage of the compressor to let you know if you have too much pressure.  All of the AireTex 45's are rated at 4500 PSI and therefore if you try to fill past 4500 PSI the safety will go off to relieve the pressure.  DO NOT DEPEND ON THE SAFETY POP OFF VALVE TO LET YOU KNOW WHEN TO SHUT DOWN THE UNIT!  THERE IS ONE SMALL ORING INSIDE THE VALVE THAT WILL BLOW AFTER A FEW TIMES.  THEN YOU COMPRESSOR WILL KEEP TRYING TO PUMP PAST 4500 PSI.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COMPRESSOR UNATTENDED!!!

Q. Where do I drain the water and oil mixture? 
a)  Unless your compressor has the Auto Drain feature, you will have to manually drain the water/oil mixture.  You have two drain valves on the front of your compressor.  One is on a small chamber on the left side of the block and the other is on the filter purification chamber.  The smaller chamber is called your separator or condensate drain and the other is the filter drain which acts as a final separator.  You just open one valve at a time while the compressor is running and bleed it for a few seconds.  This usually enough time for the water/oil mixture to completely bleed out of each bleed valve.

Q. How long should I go between bleed cycles?
a) On manual draining compressors you will have to know your environment.  Most Auto Draining compressors will bleed every 15-20min. for about 8 seconds.  Since you have to do this manually you can go by the environment you are in.  If you are in a very humid environment then you want to bleed the unit closer to 15 min. and if you are in a very dry environment then you can bleed the unit closer to 30 min.  YOU MUST BLEED YOUR UNIT ATLEAST EVERY 30 MIN!

Q. How do I set up my compressor when I receive it?
a) Your compressor will come to you ready to go.  The filter and oil will be installed for testing and prior to shipping.  Depending on what setup you purchased, all that will be left is to put your compressor and accessories where you want them.  Most of your accessories will come pre-assembled.  All you will have to do is run your hoses in most cases.  You still should check all of your fittings to make sure they are tight prior, during, and after assembly.  Use soapy water to check for leaks on you entire system.  MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE COMPRESSOR WHERE IT HAS GOOD AIR CIRCULATION AND NOT AROUND ANY CHEMICALS OR FUMES THAT CAN BE SUCKED IN THE INTAKE.  THIS CAN LEAD TO DAMAGE OF YOUR EQUIPMENT AND OR DEATH IN BREATING APPLICATIONS!!!

Q. Can I use my compressor for both Paintball and SCUBA?
a) Yes!  Your have to be very careful because of air quality.  With the paintball industry you do not breathe in the air from the compressor so you are not required to check the purity.  For SCUBA, especially if you are selling air, you should have the air tested to make sure that the compressor is putting out breathable air.  We have several dealers throughout the U.S. that can perform these test for you and we would be happy to find one near you!  

Q. How often should I have my air tested?
a) PADI and NAUI both recommend testing at least twice a year.  NFPA requires all Fire Departments to test on a quarterly basis.  This gives you and Idea of how important this issue is.  FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF YOUR CLIENTS, YOU SHOULD HAVE THE AIR TESTED ON A REGULAR SCHEDULE USUALLY WHEN YOU HAVE YOU FILTERS AND OIL CHANGED.

Q. How often do I need to change my oil and filters?
a) The AireTex 45 oil should be changed depending on usage.  We reccomend changing the oil every 50 hours of running time.   If you notice that you oil has become really black and thin it is pretty close to time to change your oil.  The filter really depends on your environment.  The AireTex 45 is designed to provide filtration for 50 hours of running time in normal conditions.
The W32 and W4 you want to change both the oil and filter at the same time and depending on the same circumstances as above you are looking at anywhere from 50 to 100 hours!

Q. What size compressor should I buy?

a) This depends on your needs and budget. For personal SCUBA use or small to medium Paintball fields the AireTex 45 works quite well with hundreds of satisified customers. For any commercial Dive Shops or Fire Departments we reccommend the W32 or larger mainly because of the larger commercial type filtration giving you a much larger safety margin. Figure your maximum usage and if you will be running your compressor more than 4 hours a day then you should probably consider a larger compressor. I feel it is always better to buy a larger compressor than you think you will need.

Q.AireTex 45 Electric, model have one stage or three stages? Other models are all three stages, so I am wondering if the single stage is enough to expect the same performance?
a.) The compressor is a 3 stage compressor, you are correct a single stage would not be able to perform well.

Q.If I don’t have a clothes dryer outlet at home, what kind of power inverter should I get for 230V compressor?
a.)The electric power is 220v-240v Single phase.  We use the standard NEMA 6-20P plug.

Q.If I plan to build the small cascade system later, "auto shut off" and "auto drain" are “must have” options?   Is it possible to add the option depending on needs.
a.) Yes, the auto-drains are more conveinent but it does raise the price and the actual CFM is lowered some. So would be up to you which model best suits your needs. I do prefer to use a cascade system as it gives you a large storage capacity and you can refill the system when you want.

Q. Is the the additional hyperfilter tower (stack), 32inch also repackable?   How often do I have to replace?
a.) We do have the 31" tall Hyperfilters (call for pricing and availability). The hyperfilters are not repackable. According to the CFM output of the compressor and the capacity of the compressor the Hyperfilter should last 137 hours. The factory AireTex 45filter will last approx. 50 hours. We also have Lawrence Factor filters for it. You can purchase replacement filter cartridges or refill kits right here on the website. Just Go to the maintenance section under the catalog button and click on Filters.

Q. Is there any board member discount?
a.) We do not have a board discount but sometimes we run specials if you by a package. You may want to check out our website or call for specials.

Q. How much is the shipping?  
Because shipping can vary so much (based on destination, time, and size and weight of the package) we generally have you go through the check out first, submit your order, then we will figure shipping on your order and email you a final total BEFORE running your credit card. We will run your card after you have confirmed the total to us by phone or email. This allows us to lower your shipping costs by NOT having to charge the maximum possible to every customer.

Q. How do I find a dealer in my area?   
a.) If you look at the navigation bar at the top of the website you will find a button for dealer links. On that page simple click on the letter that your state or country starts with and it will take you to a list of dealers in that area. When you click on the dealer name it will then either take you to that dealers website, or to that dealers contact information.

Q. What is the difference to purchase the compressor through between you and dealer shop, for example warranty issue?
a.) If you purchase direct from us we ship the item to you, although we are happy to assist you with questions via phone, we are not there in person to help you set it up and train you on how to use and maintain it. When you purchase through a dealer, we require the dealer to be there in person to help with set up, training, and questions. Most of our Dealers have their own policy for handling any warranty issues but we have had very few problems. We have gained (earned) a reputation for taking care of our customers. Which means whether you prefer to order direct or through our dealers we will always stand behind our product and do our best to give you the assistance you need.

Q. What else should I know after getting the compressor?  Is there anything that I should prepare for?
a.) The compressor is tested and ready to go when you get it. 

Q. Does AireTex offer Leasing or Financing Options?
a.) No. AireTex does not offer any financing or leasing options directly. However, AireTex Compressors has established a relationship with reputable leasing agents who are  eager to serve your needs and understand the need for your company to have the equipment you need now, without tying up credit lines or depleting cash reserves. Before applying for financing please contact our Sales Department and request a complete estimate including shipping to determine the correct amount of funding needed.You can click on the button on the left hand navigation bar or click here for more information on Financing.

No Returns with out RMA Return Mechandise Authorization. Subject to a 25% restocking fee. All returns must be in original packaging and in new condition. AireTex is not responsible for shipping charges or frieght damage. Shipping charges are non refundable.

AireTex has a limited one year parts and labor warranty. Please call for details.

Terms and conditions apply to all purchases.

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