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About AireTex

Founded in 2001, by Bruce Dodson, this company has become the leader in the industry in technology and our compressors are known as the quietest made.

These compressors run at low RPM for a quieter more durable system. Extensive use of Stainless Steel for strength and corrosion resistence unmatched by others. These Compressors are built to last a lifetime.

In 2005 AireTex became the American Distributor of LM.NT Nitrox systems. These systems are the best systems made and allow Airetex to expand and become a leader in the in the scuba compressor market. Airetex researched all available systems and chose this Italian manufactured system as the best made. It is with great pride we now offer the the LM.NT Nitrox systems in America.

Nitrox is a rapidly growing market in the dive industry and is being considered in the fire market. Nitrox has numerous benefits to the divers and dive shops. Nitrox allows the diver to stay under water longer with less surface time, giving the diver more dives in a day. The benefits to the fire market are the additional Oxygen can allow the fireman to fight fires with less recovery time. To the dive shop Nitrox is more profitable.

AireTex Compressors exhibits at all of the major trade shows and is usually the only one quiet enough to run our compressors during these shows. Our control system is the leader in the industry. The PLC control system protects you and the compressor system. Our control system is the only one that allows the customer to change the time, date, Auto-Drain settings and fan timers with the touch screen. It tells you when maintenance is due and notifies you of an alarm condition. The control system eliminates most of the contactors, relays and timers used by others, giving you a simple and durable control system with options others just do not have. Our optional exclusive PCS (Pressure Control System) allows you to change the pressure settings with the touch screen.

AireTex is here to serve you for all of your compressor and Nitrox needs. Please contact us if we can answer any questions or be of service to you.

No Returns with out RMA Return Mechandise Authorization. Subject to a 25% restocking fee. All returns must be in original packaging and in new condition. AireTex is not responsible for shipping charges or frieght damage. Shipping charges are non refundable.

AireTex has a limited one year parts and labor warranty. Please call for details.

Terms and conditions apply to all purchases. No returns with out Return Mechandise Authourization RMA. Restocking fee may apply. Must be returned in original crate.

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